Belay/Safety Lesson

As a first step to climbing on your own, you'll learn the follow through figure eight knot and the basics for belaying in this 1/2 hour class. A good intro to help pass the MRG Safety/Belay Test. This is also offered as part of the Intro to Climbing Package.

Learn to Climb

If you tried climbing and now would like to know more beyond the basic essentials, this is the class for you. You will learn how to climb more efficiently and with finesse, select, fit and care for equipment, become more proficient at belaying, and talk the lingo in this 2-hour class. This is also helpful for making the transition to climbing outdoors.

MRG belay certification required.

$20 Members, $25 Non-Members

Climb Better

Improve your climbing skills and confidence with our movement and technique class. Learn to improve your skills for more efficient climbing. Develope self-awareness, stay calm, relaxed, focused and committed. Stop in or call for more info 570.742.8290

Womens' Night

Come enjoy the camaraderie of climbing with other women on the 1st Thursday of every month starting at 7 PM. An experienced woman climbing instructor will be on hand to help you get to the next level.

Seniors' Climb

Try it Out Package

2 climbs for $10. Includes harness and belayer.

Senior Afternoons

If you like it, join for $45 per month and gear is included. Belayer is provided Tuesdays -Fridays, 3 to 5pm.

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