Personal Responsibility

Climbing involves inherent risks just like any other sport. Personal accountability is integral to the sport and each individual must accept responsibility for their actions and choice to climb. Thus, we require every participant to sign a waiver releasing Milton Rock Gym from liability.

Every participant or the legal guardian (if the participant is under 18 years of age) must sign the release form prior to climbing. You may print a copy of our waiver or pick up a copy in the gym. You need free Adobe Reader to print the online version.

Download our waiver Download our waiver

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  1. All climbers must check in at the front desk. Members must sign in.

  2. No one is permitted to belay or tie themselves in until they pass the Milton Rock Gym Safety Test.

  3. Only Milton Rock Gym employees are allowed to teach belaying and knot craft.

  4. Leading is not allowed until the climber and belayer pass the Milton Rock Gym lead test.

  5. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

  6. Climbers under 15 years old may not supervise climbers who have not passed the Milton Rock Gym safety test.

  7. Do not belay off floor anchors; they are only for backup.

  8. Belayers must stand while belaying.

  9. No barefoot climbing.

  10. Climbers climbing without a rope must keep their feet within shoulder height of the ground.

  11. Report loose holds, worn ropes, and anything else you believe to be a safety hazard to a Milton Rock Gym employee.

  12. Minimum age for belaying is 8 years old

  13. Only commercially manufactured climbing equipment in good condition is permitted.

Instruction is the best way to ensure safety to climbers and those around them. We provide instruction for all levels of climbing. If you are new to climbing, you will need to take our basic belay and safety lesson. We also provide private instruction. See our Services page for classes or contact us for more information.

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